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Ethics Form Identification Tool (EFIT)

Welcome to the University of Bolton's Ethics Form Identification Tool (EFIT).

The University of Bolton is committed to maintaining high ethical standards in teaching and research undertaken by staff and students. The integrity of any teaching or research depends not only on its scientific rigour, but also on its ethical adequacy. Ethical issues are many and varied, and maybe quite complex. We have created this tool to make the process of obtaining Ethical Clearance (approval) as easy as possible.

If you are doing any research within the University of Bolton, at undergraduate, postgraduate or doctoral level, you should use this EFIT tool in the first instance to identify whether you need ethical approval. This tool should also be used where a teaching activity will include Human Participants, Human Tissues or Human Data to obtain the necessary ethical clearance for the activity.

Note: Before starting to complete this application please ensure that have all the documents ready that you may need to upload (for example, participant information sheet, consent form, letters of support etc) because you will not be able to return to the system to add them at a later date - you would need to make a new application.

How It Works

You need to go through this EFIT tool and answer questions correctly. This tool will identify, based on your answers provided, whether you need Auto Approval or Manual Approval:

Auto-approval: This system is able to auto-issue an approval certificate (if certain conditions are met) after which you can start research right away. The tool will email you a copy of the certificate, which you can use to refer back to, and evidence in your thesis or assignment coursework. The Research and Graduate School will also keep a record of all auto-approved research forms.

Manual approval: If your research is complex and requires manual approval, this tool will create a case file which will be processed by the Research and Graduate School and/or the University of Bolton's Research Ethics Committee. If your research is then approved, you will be sent an approval certificate to start your research.


Before you proceed with using this tool, please ensure that you have read the Code of Practice for Ethical Standards in Research document and the associated Scope of the Code of Practice to understand what is covered by our ethical framework. Furthermore, please ensure that you have read the Research Ethics Processes and Policies on the university website.


By clicking on the button below and proceeding with the Research Ethics Form, you agree that:

1. You have read the University's Code of Practice and Guidance on Research Ethics

2. You have discussed your research with your Course Tutor, Programme Leader, Supervisor or Director of Studies (where appropriate)

Accept & Proceed